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05/28/2016 01:54 AM
The Latest: Police identify body pulled from Hudson crash
The Latest on the crash of a small World War II-era plane in the Hudson River between New York and New Jersey (all times local): 1:45 a.m.. New York City police say the pilot of a small World War II-era plane that crashed into the Hudson River between ...
05/28/2016 01:48 AM
The Latest: Police identify body pulled from Hudson crash
NEW YORK - The Latest on the crash of a small World War II-era plane in the Hudson River between New York and New Jersey (all times local): 1:45 a.m.. New York City police say the pilot of a small World War II-era plane that crashed into the Hudson ...
05/28/2016 01:18 AM
Vintage World War II plane crashes in Hudson River; pilot killed
The pilot of a World War II plane was killed after his aircraft crashed into the Hudson River Friday, officials and witnesses said.
05/27/2016 11:16 PM
In Hiroshima 71 years after first atomic strike, Obama calls for end of nuclear weapons
HIROSHIMA, Japan - Nearly 71 years after an American bomber passed high above this Japanese city on a clear August morning on a mission that would alter history, President Obama on Friday made a solemn visit to Hiroshima to offer respects to the ...
05/27/2016 11:00 PM
'Sumner's Back' Message May Signal Viacom Leadership Switch
As friends and family gathered Friday to celebrate the 93rd birthday of one of media's biggest titans, the message was clear: “Sumner's back.
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05/28/2016 06:30 AM
Today’s Cute Puppy

Today’s Cute Puppy

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05/28/2016 11:27 AM
Bernie Sanders Is Distressed That Puerto Rico Has Run Out Of Other Peoples' Money
It was Margaret Thatcher who pointed out that in the end socialism always fails: you run out of other peoples' money. And the thing is she wasn't talking about full on Soviet socialism, or the Chavism that has brought Venezuela so low. No, rather, she was talking about the slower [...]
05/25/2016 08:20 PM
Apple Leak Confirms 'All Glass' New iPhone
Apple is designing a radical new iPhone...
05/25/2016 01:34 PM
State Department Report On Email Vindicates Clinton Rather Than Nails Her
The inspector general's report does not add any new charges or adverse facts. It also shows the handling of Clinton's email was not out of line with her predecessors, notably Colin Powell, who, with his unimpeachable security credentials, apparently felt fine using private email for official business. What the report does suggest is that her accusers are applying a double standard.
05/28/2016 12:28 PM
Ten Ways You're Limiting Yourself Without Realizing It
Are you limiting yourself and your possibilities the way most people do? Find out!

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Newsfeed – TIME
05/27/2016 02:27 PM
Just Guess How Quickly Rihanna’s Latest Puma Sneakers Sold Out Online
Work, work, work, work, work
05/27/2016 12:48 PM
Watch Game of Thrones‘ Ramsay Bolton Sing About How He’s a Nice Guy
"People think I’m scary but I’m gentle as a baby duck"
05/27/2016 11:55 AM
See How a Clever Gamer Proposed to His Girlfriend in Mario Maker
Princess Peach is not his fiancée
05/27/2016 11:30 AM
This Is What Julia Child Said About the Big Mac
A meaty gem from the archives of TIME, in honor of National Hamburger Day
05/27/2016 11:12 AM
Here’s Adele’s ‘Hello’ Sung by Shrek, Mickey Mouse and Elmo
Peter Griffin and Yoda sang too
05/27/2016 11:07 AM
Watch Rebel Wilson Drop the Mic on David Schwimmer and James Corden’s Rap Battle
"Everyone knows my raps are Pitch Perfect"
05/27/2016 10:55 AM
Here’s Proof the National Spelling Bee Was Basically a Dance-Off
Cue up "My Boo" now
05/26/2016 06:38 PM
Singer Yuna Says Modest Clothing and Her Hijab Are ‘Liberating’
"I don’t see it as a restriction or limitation — I can still be me and get into music and be an entertainer."

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05/28/2016 04:00 PM
Bryce Dejean Jones

05/27/2016 11:00 PM
Cleveland Cavaliers
Cavs, LeBron James, Cavaliers, Raptors, Cavs Raptors, Toronto Raptors, Cavs Score, NBA Finals, Cavs Game, Cavs Vs Raptors Game 6
05/27/2016 10:00 PM
Real Madrid
Champions League final, Champions League, Real Madrid vs Atletico, Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid, UEFA Champions League
05/27/2016 07:00 PM
Mark Salling

05/27/2016 06:00 AM
Tampa Bay Lightning
05/27/2016 04:00 PM
Houston Weather
Weather Houston
05/27/2016 04:00 AM
Obama Hiroshima
05/27/2016 10:00 AM
Love & Friendship

05/27/2016 11:00 PM
Angela Simmons

05/27/2016 06:00 PM
Steven Adams

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05/28/2016 04:36 PM
Rise of the Legend

Bringing China's beloved folk hero Wong Fei-hung back to the big screen, this spirited kung-fu epic chronicles his early years as a quest for justice and revenge pits him against the ruthless Black Tiger gang.
05/28/2016 04:36 PM
Helicopter Mom

Well-meaning but misguided mom Maggie Cooper has hopes of getting her sensitive son, Lloyd, into college on a scholarship. When she learns about a grant intended for gay students, Maggie "outs" the sexually confused Lloyd to his entire high school.
05/28/2016 04:36 PM
Ride Along 2

In this riotous sequel, hardboiled cop James Payton is again riding with the panic-prone Ben Barber as the pair attempts to solve a case that takes them to the sun-drenched shores of Miami.

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