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Why goat jokes?  Well judging by my name, it stands to reason that I might be fond of the animals...and they are very funny little critters.  I've spent years rounding up every goat joke  I could find...even made a few up myself!  I gotta admit, there is a sense of satisfaction in knowing I have the best collection of goat jokes these jokes and laugh!
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A man took his wife to the county fair and one of their first stops was the Breeding Goat exhibit. They went up to the first pen and there was a Sign attached that said, "This Boer buck mated 52 times last year." The wife Playfully nudged her husband in the ribs and said, "See ... He mated 52 times last year? ....once-a-week."

They walked to the second pen which had a sign attached that said, "This goat mated 125 times last year." The wife gave her husband a healthy jab and said, "That's more than Twice a week! You could learn a lot from him." They walked to the third Pen and it had a sign attached that said, in capital letters, "This Boer Billy mated 365 times last year." The wife, so excited that her elbow nearly Broke her husband's ribs, said, that's once-a-DAY. You could REALLY Learn something from this one."

The husband looked at her and said,

"Go over and ask him if it was with the same nanny."

By: The Rusty Goat

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